“Down to earth with the right direction for the company. HUGE clarity…”Dino Scirvani – CEO and Founder at Freak Beast Labs

Who is Sark Media Direct?

Sark Media Direct, a direct-response marketing educator based in New York, is known in the health supplement, e-commerce and direct response industries for helping everyone from complete newbie entrepreneurs, to 7, 8 and even one 9 figure company scale fast, period.
Some of the companies they’ve worked with include….

The founder, Sayan, also worked closely with Martha Stewart and her teams on her Martha & Marley Spoon healthy meal kits, launching national ad campaigns that helped the brand scale to new heights in just 2 years. He’s also advised and/or partnered with leading startups on offline media, including, Babbel, Graze, Winc, Martha Stewart Wines and more.

All the strategies he utilized for them – and some of the world’s largest retailers they partnered with to further scale – such as QVC, Macy’s and Amazon Fresh – are now a core part of the trainings that all Sark Media Direct clients get access to in their Health Profits System.

“Insane insights on how to sell supplements…in a beat-up,skeptical and saturated market…”Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co


4 Simple Steps To A Hyper-Profitable
E-Commerce Business

Whether you’re completely new to business or you’re a 7+ figure health e-commerce brand, then ask us how we can help exponentially grow your business.

1. Product, Message & Audience
What is your market’s biggest, most painful problem – and how can you quickly, easily, and effectively solve it with your unique product or service? In this stage, we’ll help you dive deep into your customer’s needs and feelings, conduct proper research on your competition, understand their (and your) strengths/weaknesses and begin crafting powerful “hooks” that pull in your customers while positioning you as the market leader. Doing it this way ensures that your customer naturally feels compelled to choose you, because you took the time to understand them first instead of just making a product and trying to force it onto a customer (which is what 90% of companies do). And if you don’t have a product yet, we’ll show you how to manufacture it with no money down. And overall, you’ll learn the ultimate way to stand out in the market, build great business foundations, and set the stage for massive results, without all the risk.
2. Product Copy
Many entrepreneurs that are struggling to scale their business think that if they have an amazing product, people will just buy in droves. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the most experienced business owners fall for this trap, thinking they can just create product after product and that a few of them will “stick”. The fact is, without first deeply understanding your customer and their needs (Phase 1), and then crafting powerful messaging and direct-response sales copy that answers their deepest needs and desires, you will never “get through” to your market. And they’ll just choose someone else over you, time and time again. But with the right messaging, and persuasive sales copy that encourages the right customer to act now, you not only see the results you’re looking for…but you also learn what works and what doesn’t work, so that your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc variations are that much more powerful – and profitable. Don’t overlook this step, and do not outsource this unless you already have a keen eye for what good copy really is. Because your messaging and copy will make or break your business.
3. Automated Sales Machine
To scale, you’ll need robust order systems and merchant accounts to process all your orders. You need proven sales funnels with all the right pricing breakdowns, cross-sell opportunities and sales mechanisms already built in. You’ll need powerful click and tracking platforms in place to scale ads and keep traffic partners happy. You’ll need fine-tuned pricing and cross-sells so you get an average $170-$220 per sale (for certain products) from every customer, or you will always lose out to competitors who can pay more to acquire a customer. So whichever way you cut it, if you want freedom in your business…you need these proven systems in place, and you need them now. We’ll show you how.
4. Traffic
The final, and often hardest, step when scaling is getting the right traffic, from the right source, at the right price. It’s not easy, but now that we’ve spent over $10MM in ads (very profitably), we know a thing or two. For example, with our Online JV/Partner strategies you’ll learn how to get new traffic with little to no upfront cash/ad spend…and convert a strong percentage into buyers thanks to finely-crafted direct response copy and targeted traffic partners. And you’ll learn how to build long-term partnerships with those partners so you can continue to scale your company for the long-term. We’ll also show you how to retarget those that didn’t go forward and buy yet, with follow up campaigns too. Or if you prefer paid ads where you directly control the scalability, we’ll show you how we’ve used Facebook and multiple offline methods to scale fast. In a nutshell, when it comes to this crucial step, the question to ask is: do you want to learn from some “expert” who’s going to figure it out on your dime (and probably fail)…or someone who’s already done it for 9 years to the tune of nearly $50M in sales?

Meet Sark Media Direct

Sark Media Direct was founded by direct-marketing expert Sayan Sarkar with his 8+ years of experience in building, scaling and selling e-commerce businesses. With a mix of learnings from his own companies and high-level clientele, he created the powerful E-Com Growth Matrix, which has now reached thousands of new, early-stage and established businesses in over a dozen countries.

With 90+ proven training modules detailing every step of the growth process, Sark Media Direct clients receive a proven strategy that’s been used to build 6, 7 and 8-figure companies that doesn’t require years of “failing forward” and other cliched advice. The fact is: the fastest success for most businesses comes from learning from others, whether mentors, partners, or others who have already done what you want to do. That’s the premise of the E-Com Growth Matrix: giving you the exact process that we’ve used for 8+ years now successfully, so you can avoid years of mistakes, and work on a simple but proven path to a more profitable business and better lifestyle.


“You think you know certain things and then, man… it’s just eyes wide open…” Adam O – CEO at Nervexol

“Helped me significantly increase my AOV literally overnight…” Jeffrey Marks, CEO and Founder of U.S. Health/Beauty Brand