About Sark Media Direct

Sark Media Direct is a direct-response marketing educator, known for advising and creating marketing campaigns for one of top celebrities in the nation – as well as dozens of other leading and emerging brands.

We show you how to create advertising that sells and we have not only helped 7-9 figure companies scale fast, but also have been launching our own 6 and 7-figure products from scratch since 2011.

We have 3 main programs (see further below) to show our clients the strategies, tactics and systems that have helped ourselves and our clients grow businesses – rapidly and sustainably.

Sark Media Direct was created by marketing expert Sayan Sarkar who, after producing nearly $50 million in client & personal sales, recorded 90+ training modules detailing EVERY step of his process to launch, grow and scale from zero, or little, revenue…all the way to 6, 7 and 8-figures.

Sark Media clients get this entire private vault of 90+ modules with documents, business checklists, swipe files (to create breakthrough sales), videos and resources to learn from and implement in their businesses.

To further your progress and learning process…

Clients in our Elite program also get weekly LIVE Copy/Messaging reviews with a top direct-response copywriter, responsible for multiple 8-figures in sales across multiple industries.

Why is this live ‘copy’ mentorship so important? For the simple fact that *every* successful entrepreneur will agree that your market positioning, messaging and sales copy are vital to your long-term success.

New and early-stage businesses love to believe that if they create a great product, people will just flock to them to buy it. This is not true.

The fact is – if you want a serious, lasting business, you need effective messaging and effective marketing systems, and you need them now. Don’t be one of the millions of entrepreneurs who waste tens of thousands of dollars on creating a so-called “amazing” product, only to realize very few (if any) actually want what you’re selling.

Because when it gets to that stage, most businesses don’t have the funds left to invest in the marketing/advertising training they desperately need, and end up going out of business and/or being forced to go back to a job that they hate.

While that is the story of over 80% of new businesses, it does *not* have to be your story.

The deciding factor though is YOU. So…

You can decide to stop reading this, write us off and ignore our $50 million in experience because you think you know better…and go off and waste more $$ on inferior solutions or ineffective strategies, ending up in the same place a year later.

Or you can decide that enough is enough. That you’re fed with working night and day on your business only to walk away with pennies. That you’re fed up with useless $37 marketing “hacks” and fake gurus who promise the world but never deliver.  And that you’re ready to invest in a step-by-step A to Z proven process to build and scale e-commerce businesses faster than most entrepreneurs can only dream of.

A system with REAL results, REAL people and REAL blood, sweat and tears of experience passed down to you. So you can avoid some of the painful mistakes and failures we dealt, and instead scale your business — with less stress, hassle, and worry.

If that sounds like something you want – and you’re willing to put in the HARD work to follow our exact systems and get there – then keep reading to learn about the 3 ways in which we work with e-com businesses.

“Insane insights on how to sell supplements…in a beat-up,skeptical and saturated market…”Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co


How To Work With Sark Media Direct

Step 1: Figure out your “why”

Step 1 is *not* to choose a program and dive right in.

You see, most entrepreneurs jump into business with the obvious goal of making money while also being their own boss and living life on your terms.

That’s great and all, and can sustain you for some time.

But we’ve seen many businesses crash and burn – or grow much slower than they should – because they don’t have specific goals in place.

They just jump into something without knowing WHY they want it in the first place.

For example – you want more money. Why?
You want to be your own boss. Why?
You want to live life on your own terms. Why?

When the average entrepreneur is asked these goals, they don’t have a real answer.

They know they want money, but they don’t have a real plan of what they’ll do when they have the money, which really means they are aiming at nothing.

And when you aim at nothing you either go nowhere fast, or you end up somewhere you didn’t actually want – and you end up unhappy and upset with the end result (if you even get there).

But let’s say you DO know what you want the money for.

Maybe you want $200K/year to take home as your salary/lifestyle expenses
And $40K/year for savings/investments
Another $40K/year to put your kid through private school.
$12K/year for payments on a nice luxury car.
$50K/year to help support your extended family or aging parents.
And so on.

Now you have a plan of WHY you want to make money.

And the question is no longer, should I write this piece of sales copy to make money?

The question becomes: should I write this piece of sales copy so I can help retire my parents after they worked their tails off for 30 years to raise me?

THAT is a goal, with “hell yes” as the answer.

It’s the kind of goal that fires you up and makes you get stuff done in your business at a rapid-fire pace, so you can actually succeed and see the results you crave.

For example with our founder, one of his lifestyle why’s was spending as much time as possible by Central Park in NYC, one of his favorite places in the world.

So when it came to him producing results for himself and his clients, the question was NOT “should I work harder to make more money?” (for which the answer could be “maybe” or “not right now”).

Instead, the question turned into “should I work harder to spend more time with my loved ones at Central Park, my favorite place in the world?” (for which the answer is “HELL YES”)


Overlooking Central Park from the 27th floor Park View Suite

Step 2: Figure out which program will help you reach your “why”

Once you know your why — assuming it includes making more money or reducing stress/time in your business so you can do XYZ

Then check out our program options below to see which one is best for you.

If you’re a new or early-stage health e-commerce business, you’ll be a good fit for our tried-and-tested E-Com Growth Matrix (EGM).

PROGRAM 1: The E-Com Growth Matrix is our flagship proprietary 8-week program with ongoing support options, that shows you how to launch and/or scale a business that sells all types of e-commerce products, no matter what niche you’re in, and without spending a fortune on paid advertising.

If you’re a bit further along in your business, or you know you’re in this for the long haul then you might be a better fit for…

PROGRAM 2: The 12-Month Elite Mastermindan industry-leading yearlong program with a mix of weekly personalized mentorship, 1-on-1 help as needed, copy reviews from industry leaders, and video training outlining every step of the exact internal processes we use to scale new brands to $80K+/month (a 7-figure run-rate) within a year.

Of course in our mastermind, we are teaching you our process – but we don’t do it for you, so it’s up to you to put in the hard work and stay committed.

Not everyone will reach these numbers, especially since most end up being less serious or dedicated to doing the work, than they initially believed. If you understand that, and you understand results are not a given and MIGHT come after hard, focused work and some luck, then this could be a perfect fit.

If you’re already at the 7-9 figure mark…

PROGRAM 3: The Private Client “Growth Mentor” program is likely the best fit for you. In this exclusive service, we work with you or your team in both 1-on-1 and group to implement our Growth Matrix strategies for your new product launches and to scale existing operations. This is our most advanced program where we help you map out and implement the process we’ve used to scale clients to 8+ figures with our unique marketing and paid advertising strategies.

If you’ve decided which program you like the best OR want to learn more about any of the options, the next step is to email us with questions or book a call with one of our specialists.


“Sayan helped me significantly increase my AOV literally overnight…” Jeffrey Marks, CEO and Founder of U.S. Health/Beauty Brand