E-Com Growth Matrix

8-Week Coaching & Mentoring Program With Ongoing Support Options

What is the E-Com Growth Matrix?

An 8-week program that teaches you how to launch and grow your e-commerce business with our unique Matrix of strategies that include no-money-down traffic,  no-money-down manufacturing, direct-response sales copy, strategic high-revenue sales funnels, and much more. All so you can build a healthy profitable business.

We teach it all to you, step by step over 8 weeks and 90+ training videos, showing you:

> How to select your best product messaging and niche
> How to create your product if you don’t already have one
> How to write your sales copy
> How to set up your core sales system
> How to build your sales/traffic plan, and ultimately, make money.

And so much more.

If you take action and work hard, you’ll have your new business off the ground after 8-9 weeks. And with our tools/training, assuming you stay committed after the launch program, you can significantly scale your business and profits.

And if you’re an established early-stage companies, our strategies are sometimes more powerful since you can jump right into refine your messaging and scale your offers, instead of spending weeks creating a product.

Keep in mind – many of our clients have been very successful, and we’ve worked with multiple 7-8+ figure brands, however there is nothing about this (or any *real* business training) that will get you rich quick.

So if you’re looking for a “quick fix” or “miracle”, then stop reading right now.

To see results with this program, you WILL have to work hard, stay committed to the process, and invest time, capital and energy until successful.

We make the process as easy as we can for you by giving you all our best resources and guidance.  But the fact is – not everyone will make it. This is only for you, if you will be serious and dedicated to the process.

“Insane insights on how to sell supplements…in a beat-up,skeptical and saturated market…”Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co


How is the program broken down?

Week 1: Copy Foundations and the Targeted Niche Product (understand top copy structures via 3 top ad examples that have generated over eight figures each; finalize your product idea and market if you haven’t already; understand how to properly research competitors, capitalize on their weaknesses, and make your product seem like the only option for customers to buy)

Week 2: Copy Architecture and Foundations (craft and choose your top copy hooks, craft your high-ROI copy outline using our fill-in-the-blanks template, finalize product formulation for core product and upsells with on-demand manufacturers, and apply for merchant accounts)

Week 3: Building The Core Sales System (craft your first copy draft, begin product packaging design, craft your sales funnel, and start to setup your order system integrations)

Week 4: Inbound Sales Flow (finalize your CRM setup, dive deeper into pricing flows and financial models, finalize your sales funnel, and setup a Zendesk customer support system)

Week 5: System Acceleration (Review copy and finalize, start your sales page design, finalize your merchant account(s), finalize high-converting upsell flows)

Week 6: Finalize and Pre-Launch (Finalize sales letter design and integrate with sales system, test pages with live orders, create your rapid scaling traffic models; plan marketing partner outreach)

Week 7: Incremental Revenue Setup (Finalize incremental revenue processes, including writing email launch swipes and setting up 5-7 day backend email sequences

Weeks 8 and Beyond: Launch and Optimize (Launch the offer and learn how to read core sales conversion metrics; in the weeks that follow improve your offer to optimize results and plan future media placements for faster growth; meanwhile review your “marching orders” for scaling now/post-program with strategies including affiliates, email media buys, and more)

The E-Com Growth Matrix is delivered in a digital e-course format, with the popular teaching platform, Kajabi. So you can access it on your phone, laptop/computer, iPad, etc. Each of our video trainings has audio as well, so you can listen in your car, headphones, etc when you’re on the go. Work at your pace, when and where you want.


“Down to earth with the right direction for the company. HUGE clarity…”Dino Scirvani – CEO and Founder at Freak Beast Labs

Post-program highlights

Near the end of the program – if you’ve done the work, your business will be 100% ready to go,  so you can start getting traffic and sales.

In week 8, you’ll also get our video trainings and written guide that detail how we scale our own offers to 7 figures, and if invited, you can continue working with us in our Ongoing Support program to help you work through the action plans that could get you there. Of course, everyone’s results will vary and we are only able to SHOW you the process as we’ve done it.

Simply put – we can’t do the work for you or guarantee that you will do what’s needed to scale your business. The fact is, some clients work much harder and treat their business as more than just a hobby or ‘side hustle’. Those are the ones that tend to see better results.

Your progress has to do with how quickly you take action on the steps/guidance we give you, how well you’ve put together your copy, offers, and more, a sprinkling of luck, and mostly – how dedicated/committed you really are to doing the hard work required to scale a company.

“Insane insights on how to sell supplements…in a beat-up,skeptical and saturated market…”Joel Sim, CMO, Better Body Co


What do I get in a nutshell?

  • 8-week step-by-step digitally-delivered training program to launch your new e-commerce offer, selling all types of e-commerce products or diving into the popular health & fitness market with supplements/powders/foods/etc.
  • RAPID IMPLEMENTATION – Listen to live recordings of our weekly 60+ minute training/Q&A calls and stay connected in our Elite Facebook group to connect with our program students and make friends during the process
  • Select your best niche/messaging, identify top-selling niches/products to go after, find powerful proof/features/benefits that positions you as better than your competitors, and use that to source and craft a blockbuster product
  • Craft your copy outline and learn from our successful copy coaches on weekly training recordings, to craft and refine your messaging so it can scale
  • Access to our Private Swipe file, with some of our own best copy, and our “swipe file” of other top converting and long-running e-commerce and health offers, direct mail sequences, newspaper offers, VSLs and more (NDA required for access)
  • Plan your first targeted media plans based on our strategies to work with the top no-money-down marketing agencies on the planet that are looking for new products to promote all the time
  • Get our written optimization plan and “marching orders” that show how we would scale to 6-7 figures after the program
  • Access to our extended network (as needed/when applicable) such as no-money-down product manufacturers, fulfillment, merchant accounts/payment processing, chargeback mitigation, designers, copywriters, and more

“Helped me significantly increase my AOV literally overnight…” Jeffrey Marks, CEO and Founder of U.S. Health/Beauty Brand